Zanzibar Architectural Tour (Half Day Tour)

This tour takes you beyond the picturesque Stone Town and offers deeper insights into urban development from earlier centuries onwards until today. As can be expected in such a cosmopolitan place as Zanzibar, there is a range of distinctive architectural features, reflecting the different ethnical, social and religious backgrounds of her inhabitants. There are modest Swahili family dwellings, imposing Arab style townhouses with thick walls and inner courtyards, Indian merchants’ houses and elegant palaces with verandahs and intricate decorations, and colonial buildings in a variety of styles – all laid out in winding, shady, sloping alleyways, to make the best use of the limited space and to meet the needs of Stone Town’s inhabitants. BUT learn also how modern-day Zanzibar Town evolved, from East Africa’s first street lighting and water piping to public recreational areas and post-revolution housing projects. Admire the extravagant, Moorish/Saracen inspired buildings of British architect Sir John Sinclair and hear the background story of Creek Road and the Michenzani flats. Discover all these architectural intricacies with your guide, their socio-cultural significance, traditional building methods and conservation efforts in this unique World Heritage Site.

Start (earliest) at 8 am / latest at 2 pm. Including entrance fees at the Peace Memorial Museum, bike rental or transfer by car, private English speaking guide (only!)