Eco Responsibility

 What does it mean to be eco-responsible?

It means trying to integrate environmental protection measures into our way of life. For example, eco-responsible companies are companies that strive to respect the environment by proposing solutions to combine work and respect for the environment. Trying to behave in an eco-friendly way can help in the fight against global warming.

This phenomenon is transforming the climate by causing an increase in average temperatures. This global warming is linked to human activities and is also changing ecosystems and meteorology. This global warming started at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The first assumptions about global warming were made in 1824 by the scientist Jacques Fourier.

In the 1960s, several scientists such as Charles David Keeling brought about an awareness of global warming. During the first Earth Summit in 1971, the definition of global warming was discussed for the first time at an international conference.

In the mid-1980s, the seven largest economies in the world asked the UN to set up an expert group to study the issue. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) was created in 1988 to study the development of the global warming phenomenon and its consequences.

This organization has been able to find out where global warming comes from. We know that it is mainly man-made greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions come from the production of energy and fuel for transport, deforestation, agriculture, and animal husbandry. The consequences of this global warming led to an increase in temperature. The weather is very disturbed with an increase in extreme weather phenomena such as cyclones, storms, droughts, etc.

The oceans are affected by rising temperatures. If these temperatures rise significantly, there will be an increase in ocean levels but also deoxygenation and acidification of the oceans. In terms of society and the economy, humans will have to adapt to a new climate and adapt to new infrastructures. This global warming may also have an impact on the food capacity of some countries, in particular because of drought, which can have a strong impact on agriculture.

To try to reduce this phenomenon, everyone must do their bit, especially when traveling.