About vaccinations

For yellow fever, there is a vaccine. We strongly advise you to do it before leaving for Tanzania. To be immunized for life against yellow fever, you only need one shot.

Concerning dengue and malaria, there is no vaccine. However, you can be prescribed pills (Malarone) to be taken once a day which will allow you to be protected against malaria. In addition, protect yourself with an anti-mosquito spray or cream, especially at sunset and in the evening. 

Hepatitis A is transmitted through water and food. Do not drink tap water as it is not safe to drink. As for food, stay alert! There is a vaccine against hepatitis A, we advise you to do it before leaving for Tanzania for a short or long stay. The vaccine requires 2 doses 6 months apart. If you do 1 dose before leaving for Tanzania, you will still be immunized against Hepatitis A but don't forget to make an appointment for your 2nd dose upon your return!

The typhoid fever vaccine is recommended if you are visiting Tanzania for a long period. Typhoid fever can be contracted by ingesting water or food contaminated with the feces of a person who has contracted the disease or a chronic carrier of the bacteria. The vaccine protects for a few years (3 to 5 years) but not for life. 

The Meningococcal Meningitis vaccine is recommended if you are staying in Tanzania for a long period and are in close contact with the local population. Meningitis is transmitted through human contact. The risk of getting meningitis is higher during the dry season.

Rabies vaccine is recommended if you are exploring remote areas of the country without a hospital nearby during a long stay in Tanzania. Rabies is transmitted by bite and/or minor unnoticed contact (licking on excoriated skin, scratching...) with an infected animal. In 100% of cases, the disease is fatal if you do not seek medical attention. The vaccine does not immunize against rabies but it delays the process, instead of 24 hours, you have 48 hours to go to a hospital to be treated. In addition, the vaccine simplifies the treatment and dispenses with the need for immunoglobulin which is not always available locally.