Spice Plantation Walk

Half Day Tour

A spice tour is a wonderful way of exploring the countryside around Stone Town and Zanzibar’s rural communities. Indeed no trip to Zanzibar can be considered complete without a visit to one of our carefully selected spice farms. For centuries Zanzibar's spices, medicinal plants and tropical fruits attracted traders across the Indian Ocean. This 3-4 hour tour will seduce your senses with a mixture of various smells, tastes and textures. Among the manydifferent plants, you will encounter are the henna bush, ylang-ylang, the lipstick tree, iodine plant, cocoa, cassava, dasheen cocoyam and – yes, Zanzibar coffee! Explore the island’s abundance of mouthwatering tropical fruits like jackfruit, pineapples, bananas, green coconut (madafu), durian, love apple (matufaa), rambutan (shoki-shoki), soursop (mabungo) and starfruit (carambola). We round off the leisurely farm walk with a home-cooked lunch in private rural ambience. The lunch consists of a wide range of typical Swahili meals prepared to perfection by a local farmer and his wife. Start (best) at 9.30 am / ends at 2 pm or later.


Full Day Tour

The half-day Spice Tour experience ends after lunch, and if you have chosen a full-day excursion, your guide and driver will take you onwards to Mangapwani. It has a lovely white sandy beach - and a very dark history: slaves used to be “stored” in an underground rock chamber on their way to and from the island. You can visit this chamber; it is part of Zanzibar’s past, just like all its beauty and riches. And then it is time to relax! We go to the beach for some swimming and sunbathing before we will return to your hotel. Start (best) at 9.30 am / ends latest after sunset. Including private guide, typical Swahili lunch in private ambience, seasonal fruits, non-alcoholic beverages, optional stopover at Kidichi Persian Baths (ruins)