Cultural Night Tour

This personalized tour offers a picture of local Zanzibari life and culture amongst the men, women and children on the island, and just how the community and the wilaya (local council) deal with any issues that arise from day to day.

Strolling through Jamhuri Gardens, you will leave the city behind you, and when the sun sets we climb upon one of the high rise buildings to get a nice view of Stone Town and its suburbs. We will introduce you to some of the more arcane facets of Zanzibar's colorful history and the diverse cultural backgrounds of its inhabitants. Discover how domestic and social life has evolved over the ages and how the organization of primary and secondary education is structured. Finally see how the care of the elderly and disabled people in Zanzibari society is undertaken.

Then, you are invited to visit a Zanzibari family home and join a delicious home-cooked dinner!

As you wandered around Zanzibar Town, you most probably heard calls to prayer from the many mosques as well as the sounds of American rap music and Jamaican reggae. Around the next corner, however, you are also likely to hear film music from India or the latest chart-toppers from Egypt and the Gulf States. Thankfully the islands have not entirely lost their own cultural traditions, and equally popular in Zanzibar are local musical forms, in particular the style known as Taarab.

You can discover Taarab music in the form of concerts that take place regularly, BUT we would like you to get to know more about the Zanzibar wedding "HARUSI" traditions while joining the practising of a "SUFI" drummer group.

To round off the experience, we'll invite you for a local "chai" tea, to discuss some more and answer all the questions you might still have. Then, we will return you safely to your hotel.