Cultural Night Tour (Half Day Tour)

A place as vibrant and diverse as Zanzibar is an adventure for all senses. Absorb the colours in the streets – the men in their white kanzus, women in black buibuis and colourful khanga wraps, the abundance of fruit and vegetables in the market, the play of shadow and light in the narrow streets, and of course the many friendly faces in all shades of complexion. Listen to the sounds of Stone Town - people chatting, children playing, street vendors praising their wares, Reggae, Indian and Western music, and the melodious recitation of the Quran. Five times a day, you will hear the Muslim call to prayer in Arabic from numerous small mosques all over the town; at other times, it’s bells from Hindu temples or Christian churches. 

This personalized tour offers a picture of local Zanzibari life and culture amongst the men, women and children on the island, and just how the community deals with all the different issues that arise from day to day. Round off your evening with a private Swahili dinner on one of Stone Town's rooftop terraces with a 360° view, a lovely sea breeze and the enchanting melodies of a traditional Qanun.