Sundowner & dinner at Emerson on Hurumzi Rooftop Teahouse

The Emerson team adheres to the Swahili and Middle Eastern theme and is offering a full evening dining experience, starting with cocktails, mocktails and an appetizer from 6 pm. The waiters offer an introduction to the menu; the setting and traditions surrounding celebrations in Zanzibar. At 7 pm the first course of the meal is served and the musicians of the Dhow Countries Music Academy start to play traditional taarab music. The dinner service continues with a platter with a variety of dishes comprising the main course and the evening experience ends around 9 to 9.30 pm with a cup of 'tangawizi' - Zanzibar ginger tea after the dessert has been served. After dinner, we can arrange an escort service back to your Stone Town hotel.For every performance, the musicians are paid and a separate donation goes directly as a contribution to the Music Academy.

Starts at 6 pm. Including three-course dinner, sparkling or still water, and traditional Taarab music performed by accomplished musicians of the Dhow Countries Music Academy.


  • Please indicate dietary restrictions to be considered by the chef and whether you would prefer to be seated ‘Swahili style’ on the carpet with cushions and a low table, or whether you prefer a regular height seat. Both seating options have views over Stone Town and the sea.
  • Consider taking something warm (e.g. a scarf, cardigan, sweater or something similar) with you because the evening breeze can be a bit chilly while sitting in the open rooftop restaurant