Bicycle Spice Tour (Full Day Tour)

This tour takes you through the outskirts of Stone Town into the Masingini forest to the highest point of Zanzibar, where you will have a spectacular view of the town and the ocean. Stop there at our preferred spice farm for a unique Spice Tour with a locally cooked Zanzibar lunch. Passing through the countryside on your bicycle will bring you in close contact with nature and village life, and you will see and experience much more of your surroundings than from a car window.

Spend a day cycling in Zanzibar, and it’s hard not to feel like you’ve discovered some kind of secret! With warm wind in your hair, groups of excited children yelling “Jambo!” or “howah-yoouu” after you, and the exhilaration of making your own way, it is truly the best way to get to know a place.

Starts usually at 9 am from Stone Town. Including mountain bike and helmet rental, private guide throughout the day, 1-litre drinking water per person a typical Swahili lunch in a private, rural ambience, non-alcoholicbeverages, seasonal fruits, optional stopover at Kidichi Persian Baths


* Be prepared to pay US $ 10 per person entrance fee to the Masingini Forest Natural Reserve, if you would like try one of the forest trail walks, where you might find the endemic Red Colobus Monkeys observing you from high above.

* We would say our Bicycle Spice Tour with typical Swahili lunch in private ambiance requires a medium fitness level. There are ascents, but we believe there are more challenging ones in European countries with real mountains. You would have to manage 30 km of cycling in total (15 km per way).

* NOT for children below 14 years! / ONLY experienced bicycle riders!