Stone Town Ghost Tour (late evening tour)

Superstition is common in various African cultures, and so it is in Zanzibar as well. There are lots of interesting and intriguing stories about extraordinary events. This tour takes you through Stone town at night and will pass by different sites in town that are connected to such occurrences both in the past and present.

Learn about the haunted heritage of these sites including classic local ghost stories, urban legends and myths, true tales of tragedy, crime, murder, mystery, black magic, love & death.

On your walk you will hear a collection of real ghost stories handed down through generations, combined with the history of the location. Visit rumoured haunted sites, such as the House of Wonders, Victoria Gardens, and the house and grave of Tippu Tip, each with its own spooky history and stories woven around it. Experience this tour that shows you a different side of Stone Town!

Starts at 8 pm / ends (usually) at around 11 pm. Including pick up & drop of service from Stone Town hotels, private guide. Only English speaking guides available!