Mnemba Atoll Snorkeling

Mnemba Atoll is a protected oceanic area off north eastern Zanzibar near Matemwe with excellent visibility depths ranging from ten to thirty meters. It includes the small triangular island of Mnemba and a reef area comprising of two by four miles. This breathtaking marine ecosystem is famous for sightings of green turtles and dolphins that like to join you as you snorkel or dive while the seasonal migrating humpback whales announce their presence with an occasional spout of water.

You will enjoy two 45 minute long snorkelling sessions at different sites. In between your snorkel stops you will have a 45-minute break with snacks and tea. Following your last stop, the boat will return to the dive centre. If you have never dived before but would like to (instead of snorkelling), you can also consider the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program!


* We do rather suggest the snorkeling trip at Mnemba Atoll to spot dolphins than the Kizimkazi Dolphin Tour, for multiple reasons. Though the most important thing to know is that there is no guarantee for both spots to see them, because they remain wild animals in the ocean. But if ever you won't spot them at Mnemba Atoll, you'll have at least an excellent snorkeling experience with various corals and fish species to discover.