Original Safaris Blue (Full Day Tout)

On the original and still the best Safari Blue, you will explore the Menai Bay Conservation Area with its abundant coral gardens, beautiful uninhabited islands and sandbanks on locally made traditional dhows. The Safari Blue always starts from the fishing village of Fumba. During the day you will enjoy dolphin spotting in a marine protected area (dolphins will be seen 90% of the time), stop on a lovely sandbank to enjoy swimming or snorkelling. Well-trained guides will show you the best spots to observe different fish species and other sea creatures in the beautiful clear waters. There are two different reefs to explore, both locations offering a variety of pristine marine life. You will feast on a delicious Swahili seafood barbecue, which includes a selection of fish, slipper lobster, calamari and chicken. For dessert, you will enjoy gastronomic fruit tasting with a selection between 10 and 15 different tropical fruits. Afterwards, relax in the sun or take a short walk to an ancient fallen baobab tree that is fun to climb. You can also go sailing in a “ngalawa” (wooden outrigger canoe) and visit a beautiful lagoon surrounded by a mangrove forest. After a wonderful day, you will sail back to Fumba.

Since 1996, the original Safari Blue provides guests from all over the globe with a truly memorable experience while making a positive difference to the island and its people. Safari Blue has, over the years been plagued by many copycat operators who try to pass themselves off as the original operator. However, we believe minimizing the ecological footprint of the crew and clients, improving the lives of Zanzibaris through a program of Social Corporate Responsibility makes an undoubted difference to a happy guest returning home from Zanzibar. Apart from that Safari Blue is taking the risks and responsibilities of COVID19 seriously, not only for the guests but also for the employed local staff!

Start at 8.45 am from Stone Town OR at 8 am from the beach / ends around 5 pm. Including traditional Dhow (wooden sailing boat), snorkelling guide - trained in marine ocean science, Swahili seafood BBQ and seasonal fruits, alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day, Menai Bay Conservation Area fee.


  • Please take a beach towel, wear swimwear under your clothes (if wished) and apply a good amount of sun blocker with a high UV rating (reef-friendly sunscreen please) to avoid sunburn. If possible please bring suitable beach footwear. It is water entry. Please wear clothing that can be pulled up above the knee, in case the water is a bit high.