Swahili Cooking Lessons (Half Day Tour)

Learn to cook traditional Swahili food and wow your friends with your culinary expertise when you get home! Swahili cuisine is a fascinating (and very tasty!) mix of Indian, Arab, African and Europeaninfluences. Local cooking lessons offer an authentic, hands-on experience in a real Zanzibar kitchen – and you will learn plenty about the use of all the exotic spices Zanzibar is famous for. It is a wonderful way to get to know a culture by learning how to cook a traditional meal. You can participate in a family cooking workshop or join one of the daily cooking classes of the Jafferji House & Spa (maximum of four guests). Learning to cook various Zanzibar style dishes give you a good insight into daily island life. You choose the dishes you would like to cook, and you might surprise yourself by making tasty chapatti, cooking coconut curries or pilau rice. It’s a great experience to cook Swahili style, and of course to eat it afterwards!

Starts at 10 am and takes approx. 2-3 hours; afterwards, you will enjoy your self-prepared Swahili lunch on the rooftop.