Discover with us the heart of Zanzibar

Unguja Island

Unguja Island is the most important, largest, and most populated island in the Zanzibar archipelago. The island of Unguja is surrounded for the most part by a coral reef. In addition, more than 20 islets adorn Unguja. Most of these islands are uninhabited. The island is also known as Zanzibar.  The main town of Unguja is called Zanzibar or Stone Town. Stone town plays the role of the capital of Zanzibar. It is the most visited island by tourists. The island is famous for its historical Stone town, beautiful paradise beaches, and nature.


Our Favorite Places in Unguja:



Zanzibar Coffee House

The hotel is situated on the heart of Stone Town. It was build in an authentic Arabic house. in Zanzibar Coffee House, you can feel the authenticity of Stone Town. You can enjoy a beautiful view of Stone Town with a nice coffee thanks to it's rooftop.

Emerson on Hurumzi

This hotel is one of the most popular hotel in Stone Town. the hotel was build on the home of one of the richest men in Swahili empire: Mr Tharia Topan. the style of the hotel is unique, there is a combination of elegance and authenticity. They propose dinner on their Rooftop with Swahili food cooked very well. You also enjoy an amazing view of the city thanks to the rooftop.

Emerson on Spice

The place is an inspired and lovingly restored merchant's house. The hotel have one of Stone Town's most renowned restaurant offering a stylish ambiance. Every room is unique thanks to the mix between mystery and history. Thanks to Emerson on Spice, you can experience the real Zanzibar in the center of Stone Town.



Mangrove Lodge

Situated at only 15km north from Stone Town. Mangrove Lodge is perfect to take a breathe out of the city. With a big sea pool and loungers on the white sandy beach, the place offer a magical atmosphere. The Lodge is an eco-friendly business committed to being environmentally and socially conscious to aim positive impact with environment and local communities.



Mama Roots

The beach house is located in Kizimkazi, just in front of the Indian Ocean with a private access to the beach. If you need calm and quiet, far away form the city, Mama Root is the best place for you. The decoration is very simple and plain. Every room has a different floor to keep privacy.

Ujamaa Beach Resort

Ujamaa Beach Resort is situated in Makunduchi, in the south of Jambiani. It's a quiet place surrounded by a tropical garden. The bungalows are ideal for families and large groups. It is a responsible tourism structure, all the profits will be reinvested for support development of local communities.



Sunshine Marine Lodge

Situated at the top of a cliff facing East at the Indian Ocean, in Matemwe. If you want to connect or reconnect with the nature, you are at the right place. You can mix relaxing and active holidays: sunshine Marine lodge propose Diving and yoga retreat.


Blue Oyster

Situated in Jambiani, the Blue Oyster is a small family-run hotel. For us, responsible tourism has a strong importance for their business. they try to reduce environmental, social and economic impact due to the tourism everyday. The hotel co-operating and working together with local communities. Thanks to us, you will feel home far away form your home.



Qambani Luxury Resort 

The resort is located in the south east of Unguja, in Michamvi. You will enjoy an amazing view on Indian Ocean and Chwaka Bay. you can enjoy an acces to a secluded Unguja island beach, Qambani Luxury propose a tailored experience with a choice of 7 magnificent villas

Hodi Hodi Zanzibar 

Hodi Hodi Zanzibar it's a family run business. The accommodation is situated in Matemwe. The place mixed with local knowledge and a love for sharing their adventures and stories. They employ local people from the village for supporting the local economy. They have a responsible tourism philosophy: they employ locally, buy locally, supplying locally. .They build the place like an extension of the village of Matemwe, with Hodi Hodi, you can discover the life, culture, food for real.
To know more about Hodi Hodi Beah House Zanzibar....Hodi Hodi Zanzibar website