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Utengule Coffee Plantation

Utengule Coffee Plantation is a Coffee farm managed by Willi Schmid. The farm is situated in southern Tanzania at 20 km distance from Mbeya town. The south of Tanzania is a region renowned for growing coffee because there are Warm summers and fresh winters combined with seasonal rains create the perfect conditions for coffee cultivation. 40% of the farm’s 300 hectares are cultivated, while another 40% is nature reserve with a particularly rich flora and fauna, giving habitat to over 200 bird species. 

The farm organize special coffee tours. You can do the tours from May until August every years.  It's possible to stay at Utengule Coffee farm for a night. About 

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Africa Amini Life

The “Original Maasai Lodge” and the “Hillside Retreat Lodge” are located between Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. The accommodations are run by local people.

The Original Maasai Lodge was build and run by the Maasai. The place offers nature, culture and relaxation with views of Mount Kilimanjaro. The Hillside Retreat, consisting of the Standard Hillside and Superior Hillside with breathtaking terraces. They claim a sustainable concept far away from the mass tourism and an exclusive and authentic travel experience. 

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Hodi Hodi Bush Camp

The place is located on Rhuaha, is in the heart of the traditional territory of the notorious warlike HeHe tribe, on Tanzania's mainland. The owner, Julia, wants to replicate the same philosophy as the Hodi Hodi Zanzibar beach house. They wanted a place on the mainland with nobody around. They also work with local people. They provide accommodation and an experience for travelers that are based on authenticity. The nearest village is behind the mountains it's called Makifu. Julia and his brother work together with Makifu village to help the local communities. some benefits of Hodi Hodi bush camp are use to build schools and protect the environment. 
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