A preserved paradise in Zanzibar archipelago



Pemba Island is located 50km north of Unguja. Most of the island is more fertile than Unguja. As a result, the island is dominated by small-scale agriculture, with people growing mainly rice, coconuts, bananas, cassava, and red beans. The island is known for its clove plantations, which are then imported worldwide. The most important towns on Pemba are Chake-Chake which is the capital of the island, and Mkoani, and Wete.

Pemba is a treasure trove of marine life, better suited to experienced divers due to strong currents. Pemba’s corals are pristine and the Misali Island conservation area is rich in diversity, with over 40 species of coral, 350 species of fish, and 5 species of sea turtles. Out on the reefs, snapper schools swim around Coral Mountain, eagle and manta rays glide through the water, while lobsters peer out at divers from coral shelves.



Our Favorite Places in Pemba:

The Manta resort:

Anchored in an ocean floor anomaly, the floating underwater room tops almost anything. Encapsulated within a turquoise blue bubble, watching shoals of reef fish swim by - sometimes in three or four layers of different species, is a truly heart-stopping, yet awakening, experience. The floating structure, Swedish engineered, provides three levels, those above the water clad in local hardwood.

If you want to have a look.... The Manta Resort

The Emerald Bay Resort

The Emerald Bay Resort is located in the valley of Chokocho village, in the south of Pemba Island. Facing a characteristic natural port in a remote area surrounded by nature, the small boutique resort was built influenced by the style of Arabic architecture, reminiscent of bygone days when traders and sailors were living on the island. The Emerald Bay Resort is ideal for couples, honeymooners and seasoned travellers who want to enjoy the island and its nature in tranquillity and peace.