When to go to Tanzania

The wet season: It starts in March and ends in April. Temperatures can go down to 10 degrees in the mountainous areas of the country.

The dry season: begins in May and ends in October. temperatures are hot. temperatures can vary from 20 degrees to over 30 degrees.

The "short rainy season": begins in November and ends in December. During this season, the country experiences short and localized rainy episodes. Temperatures can vary from 17 to 28 degrees.

The best time to go on a safari is from July to September. The dry season is the best time to observe the animals because they gather around the waterholes and are therefore less scattered in the parks.

If you wish to observe birds, the ideal season is the rainy season, from March to April. If you want to enjoy the beaches, it is better to go during the dry season to fill up on Vitamin D.