Local Food In Tanzania and Zanzibar

Tanzanian cuisine has been shaped by Indian, Arab, and, European influences. It is very rich and full of flavors.Here is an overview of the most common local dishes you can enjoy in Tanzania and Zanzibar: 

Ugali: It’s one of the most popular dishes in Tanzania, especially on the mainland. It is similar to polenta, made of cooked maize flour, cassava, or millet. It is often accompanied by meat in sauce with vegetables and onions. 

Pilau (Spice Rice): One of the most popular dishes, particularly in Zanzibar and the coastal region. The rice is prepared with cloves, cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, and served with beef, chicken, or fish and katchumbari (fresh tomato and onion).

Biryani: A festive dish with Indian influences. It is sauted rice served with masala sauce. In this sauce, you will find beef or chicken, tomato sauce, pepper, and candied onions. 

Mishkaki. Street food that you will find mainly in Zanzibar. These skewers made of fish, beef, or chicken are widely available in street stalls, local restaurants, and especially in the famous Forodhani market in Stone Town. 

Chapati, An Indian-style pan-fried bread and one of the most common side dishes in Tanzania. It is particularly tasty when served fresh and hot.

Urojo (Zanzibar Mix) is a spicy broth, served with kachori (potato, chili, and lime balls), bajia (chickpea and vegetable balls) and topped with fried cassava chips, chili or coconut chutney, and fresh greens. Often potatoes, mishkaki, and/or an egg are added.

Chipsi Mayai: A simple and very popular dish made of fried potato slices mixed with egg and fried in a pan.