Conditions of entry into Tanzania

In order to enter Tanzania, you must:

  • Either present a complete vaccination scheme, a vaccine recognized by the authorities of the archipelago (vaccines recognized by the EU, Sputnik, Sinovac).
  • If you do not have a complete vaccination scheme, you must perform a negative PCR test with QR Code, less than 72 hours old. 
  • If you have neither vaccination nor a negative PCR test upon arrival in Tanzania, a mandatory PCR test will be imposed at a cost of USD 100.

In addition to presenting a QR code. You must fill out an online form (available in French and English) regarding your medical status 24 hours prior to arrival in Tanzania in order to receive an individual confirmation code to present at the border health check. For Zanzibar, you can find this form here: Form for enter Zanzibar


COVID - 19 facts about Tanzania and Zanzibar 

News that will influence the country's future: tourism count, census and the COVID aftermath. 922 692 foreign tourists have visited Tanzania in 2021, a fast recovery from the decline during the COVID Pandemic. Before the pandemic, 1.5 millions travelers visited the country annually, Tanzania want to raise that 5 millions per year. 

In the archipelago of Zanzibar, 57% of Zanzibari, more than half of the rural as well as urban population, have had coronavirus infection, even before the new virus variant omicron appeared in 2021.the infection was widespread over all district of Unguja (main Island of Zanzibar) and Pemba. This was established by the first-ever official survey on seroprevalence by Zanzibari-German team of researchers here in Zanzibar. Implications for vaccinations and protection policies are unclear. only 5% of people in Zanzibar have been vaccinated. Herd immunity, the researchers said, had not yet been reached before omicron. 

So, to enter in the territory of Tanzania, you have to get a full vaccination schedule OR you have to do a PCR test maximum 96 hours before your departure.