Stone Town's Outskirts - Hotels & Lodges

  • Mangrove Lodge - Chuini

Forget about the stress of our daily life in a very comfortable and natural environment. The resort has got only ten rooms inside a beautiful tropical garden with spices, big palm and mango trees, where you can breathe the peaceful atmosphere in Zanzibar. Taste the culinary specialties in the restaurant-bar on the beautiful mangrove bay. You will be served fabulous crustaceans and fish grilled with a touch of Italian taste, dishes from the Zanzibar tradition, delicious cocktails with tropical fruit and fresh and natural ingredients. 

About the beach here...

The beach here called Mawimbini beach, between Fuji beach in the Bububu zone and Mangapwani, sadly known for the slaves' trade. Not far from the beach the Chuini ruins can be admired, a palace once belonged to the Oman Sultan of Zanzibar.