Made in Zanzibar Tour

Aside from all the beautiful beaches, Zanzibar holds many treasures. Taking influence from the rich Arabic and Indian cultures, the people of Stone Town have formed a conglomeration of unique designs and products. According to your interests we will visit with you several cottage industries, and afterwards we can take you to their small retail outlets in town. It’s inspiring, fun, and saves you the hassle of finding all the best places on your own.

Shopping in the narrow streets and souks of Stone Town will reveal a treasure trove as diverse as the people who make and sell the gifts you will take home with you. Encouragement to buy will come from all quarters, but stroll casually and enjoy a variety of displays and enticements.

You’ll find designer jewellery and accessories made in Zanzibar next to beaded Maasai trinkets from the Tanzanian interior. There are spices fresh from the plantations, and home décor with an Arabic or Indian twist. There are cool European looks and tropical fashions, with traditional “kanga” clothes and coastal “kikoi” clothing.

Swahili art naïf “tingatinga” oil paintings are displayed on the pavements, alongside watercolours depicting elaborately carved Zanzibar doors and street scenes.

The shaded interiors of the street shops will reveal soapstone sculptures from Kenya, brass bric-a-brac from India, tribal masks and voodoo carvings from the Congo, Arab chests, colonial wall clocks, and amber necklaces from Yemen and Sudan – the riches of Aladdin’s Cave!

There is also time for a recreational break in one of the numerous cafes, bars or restaurants. Finally, after all intensive and new impressions, your Made in Zanzibar Tour will be crowned by a typical Zanzibar wellness experience in one of the careful selected spas, using traditional massage oils and rich aromas to relax and soothe your body as well as your soul.