Kizimkazi Dolphin Tour

We decided not sell the Kizimkazi Dolphin Tour anymore.

In recent years we found our supposedly responsible dolphin tour turned out to be a worst-case scenario for anyone who cares about marine animals.
It is impossible for us to operate this tour in a sustainable way, because we can’t convince other operators to respect the Menai Bay Conservation Area guidelines which we follow.
To conducted this tour in an ethical way, there are a number of necessary precautions that are clearly not undertaken (at the moment) in Kizimkazi:
- Limiting the number of boats allowed in the water near the animals at any given time. More boats equal more noise and disturbance, which is known to stress dolphins. Also, more boats means more risk of collisions.
- Proper boating practice. This includes keeping a safe distance from the animals, always staying on the side of the animals rather than cutting them off, and disengaging the propeller, preferably the engine as well, any time the boat is near the animals.
- Limiting the amount of time boats and guests stay near the animals.
- If guests are allowed to enter the water, this should be done at a distance from the animals, and guests are under no circumstances to touch or grab the animals.
- If guests are allowed to enter the water, they need to be instructed on proper behavior around the animals.
- Ideally, part of the proceeds from the activities should be used to further research and protection activities.
Alternatively we offer our guests to consider a Snorkeling Trip to Mnemba Atoll, where dolphins might be seen "accidentally" either from the boat or while snorkeling.