Jozani Forest & Pete Nature Explorer

This fun and action packed tour is perfect for those who want to experience both Zanzibar’s natural treasures and village life at close quarters, and help preserve it. A day not to be missed by nature lovers! We have designed this tour in such a way that the people of Pete village can generate an income from tourism, and the fees from your visit will be used to preserve this stunning natural reserve.

You will start your tour with a guided walk deep into Jozani Forest. While much of Zanzibar’s nature has been lost to agriculture and construction, Jozani’s varied and fascinating flora and fauna is still very much intact and well worth exploring.
Very tall mahogany trees, mangrove swamps, dry coral rag forest and salt marshes provide for an impressive variety and number of life forms.
The forest is home to Sykes and Vervet monkeys, bush babies, elephant shrews, bush pigs, civet cats, chameleons and several larger snakes, as well as 40-50 species of butterflies and birds; but the endemic Kirk’s Red Colobus monkeys are arguably its most famous inhabitants. Each monkey has a distinctive facial expression. They are not afraid of humans, so it’s easy (and fun!) to watch them jumping from tree to tree, grooming and feeding.

Then, we will board oxcarts and ride through the villages that surround the forest towards the Pete inlet. After a lovely Swahili lunch we will explore the mangrove forest by canoe. A visit to the Zanzibar Butterfly Centre will round off your day exploring Zanzibar’s nature. This successful community project maintains the largest butterfly enclosure in East Africa; it aims to protect Zanzibar’s many indigenous species of butterflies.