Mangapwani Horse Riding

If you're getting tired of lying on the beach or have already experienced the tours and excursions Zanzibar has to offer, why not ride down the beach, at sunset? Or explore coconut plantations on horseback?

The riding camp at Sea Cliff Resort & Spa has been set up by Rosa and Gary Stander, and caters for both experienced riders and those who have never ridden before. At the moment they have four horses: two pure breed Appaloosas (the brothers Charly Brown and Funfair, 5 and 6 years old), one Appaloosa/cross (Nottingham, 4) and a pony (Prophet, 12). The horses were chosen for their hardy breed, gentle temperament and suitability for the climate and the work required of them.
There are many different options to choose from, and trips can be discussed upon booking and custom-tailored. You could for instance ride through the coconut plantations, then onto the beach to watch the sunset. At low tide, the more experienced riders can canter along the beach.